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put your paws in the constellations


Clams Casino - I’m God


Ratatat - Seventeen Years

Sitting on the beach at midnight,
waiting to let go and feel my soul take flight.
Feeling like a sailboat on the choppy seas,
I want to hold this moment, if only it could cease.
Embracing the mist from the raging waves,
let’s go exploring and get lost in the caves.
There’s a secret place I would like to take you,
wisp you from reality, imagine that I could?

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Anonymous Asked:
I've had the hugest crush on you for the longest time and we know each other in real life, but I also know I have zero chance with you :(.

My answer:

No one has a chance with me. I’m in a league of my own.

Anonymous Asked:
where ya from? if ya don't mind me askin'.

My answer:

Where the Oc and LA county line meets.

On this voyage through treacherous seas, I find myself longing for contact to put my mind at ease.
The journey is long and someday we’ll see an end, but for now I’m stuck on this voyage without a friend.
A loveless connection between me, myself and I, how can I cope through the nights I stay up and cry?
My dreams tell me that I’m restless and its an undeniable feeling, oh shoot! I hear the fish line outside, it’s reeling.
Perhaps, I’ll have dinner, or maybe some lunch, if I had someone to drink with, I’d have someone to punch.
This lonely voyage, I embark on this world alone. When will this be over? When may I come home?

Why won’t you make up your mind? GIVE ME A SIGN!
Am I just wasting my time, living in my head?
You’ll be sorry when I make up mine instead.

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The drive was horrendous.

Tonight, I clocked out of work at 9:48 p.m. and I called my Mom to say that I won’t be home tonight. Lee craved adventure, I know what that means.

Arrival to the Gypsy ship around 10:20 and I immediately crawled into bed with her. Like most days, I spend most of the 24 hours with my other half. I refer to her as my other half because I never felt as a whole until I established a friendship with this intellectual female.

The night was filled with panicked texts about her oldest sister’s delivery. A new life is going to be brought into the world. Here we go.

Driving through obstacles to avoid traffic delays caused by random closures on the 405. Where are we?

How did we end up in Sherman Oaks?

We finally made it to the hospital and for a while, I sat in the lobby until Lee came to relieve me of my solitude to a room where her family is breathing, living, anticipating the arrival of this new life. We’re all so excited and eager for new beginnings.

At 2 in the morning, my hunger subsides after a small meal with chicken pesto, side of fruit and a maple bar. Of course, accompanied with a bittersweet cafe latte.

They’re waiting until the arrival to discover the sex of the new addition. Personally, the father and I have agreed to it being a girl. Lee and the mother are sure that it’s going to be a boy.

Grown ups are talking and I realized how out of place I was once I dragged the steel legged chair closer to my side, in the midst of doing so, it let out the ugliest screech which immediately silenced them and directed their attention to me. I apologized innocently and resumed my writing. It’s like a second language to me, something I can pour my feelings into and no one has to know. I’m over here, appearing to be studious and intellectual, but in reality, I’m just emotional and insecure. 

We await in silence for the abundance of joy to greet this dark room.

I just really want a cigarette.

In the dressing room of a strip club in Asakusa, Tokyo.


Here are some designs I made for Crust Bangers 5, watch the first episode here! 

Clairvoyant Writer

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